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e-Commerce content strategy

Improve performance

As an online retailer you’re always looking for ways to increase sales — like optimising your site, finding new market opportunities, and talking to your customers in a relevant, relatable way.

Create new opportunities

If you want to be able to respond quickly to new opportunities and improve your commercial performance, there’s one thing you really need: flexible, streamlined content.

Unlock new markets

With content that’s really well organised it’s much easier to unlock new markets and achieve higher conversion via your website, social commerce, marketplaces, Internet of Things (IoT) or rich snippets in Google Search.

What’s in it for you?

Contextual commerce

Contextual commerce is coming: customers are increasingly researching and buying products and services away from your site. Social media, apps and other channels are stealing more and more of your customers’ attention

Customer attention

To compete effectively you need to go where your customers are and actively grab their attention. At the same time, you don’t want to waste effort by developing custom-made content for each individual channel.  

Consistent experience

To create a consistent user experience across all your touchpoints, you need to create channel-neutral content that you can publish wherever you like, as much as you like. Your content should be able to move freely, not be stuck on your web pages.

What I can do for you

Free your content

I can help you free up your content and make it accessible. I do this by setting up solid but flexible core content processes. This creates the platform you need for successful conversion in current, future and as yet unknown marketing channels.

Join the dots

I operate at the intersection of marketing, sales and technology. I get hired by e-commerce managers and directors who want to significantly improve their brand’s digital firepower and sales.

Lead your content team

Working as your Content Director, I organise and motivate the necessary resources to solve current challenges, while creating the right conditions to generate new digital sales opportunities.

Online retailers ask me questions like these:

How do I speed up the process of getting my products live on my site?

How do I put my content live in all my countries at the same time?

Local markets tell me that our translation quality could be better. How do I fix this?

I want to improve my user experience / personalisation / content marketing, but where do I start?

My approach:

Short sprint

I come to your office for a short initial sprint, during which I identify the needs of the various stakeholders and the current status of your team, technology and processes.

Collaborative planning

We work together to plan how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Network of experts

Thanks to my international knowledge network, I can pull in the experts and agencies you need to achieve your goals.

About me


Working at companies like Google, Spil Games and Booking.com sparked my interest in online commerce. In 2014 I started working for myself as a Global Content Strategist. I’ve been lucky enough to indulge my passion for online retail with clients like BESTSELLER, O’Neill, Bugaboo, Schoenen Torfs, FashionTradeTNT, Body & Fit and Catawiki. Thanks to my background in translation and localisation management I have a lot of experience building multilingual content programs and teams.

I’m an experienced public speaker, and love sharing my knowledge at e-commerce conferences, content congresses and inspiration sessions for business and education. I’m an expert contributor to Emerce and an active member of the Shopping Tomorrow Cross Border Group. I stay up to speed on the latest trends and developments by taking training courses and regularly attending congresses all over the world.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about my qualifications, plus professional recommendations and various presentations I’ve given on global content strategy.

Contact me

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I’d love to hear about your business’s challenges and ambitions. Please mail me for a free consultation. I’d also love to talk to you if you want to hire me to speak at your conference or inspirational congress.

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